The PortaZone CC uses "Cold Corona" technology developed for NASA, and now made available to you .
Cold Corona works by using a step up transformer, taking 110 to 20,000+ volts,
and taking a conductive media and encapsulating it in a quartz tube.
An electric arc is passed through the tube into an outer chamber which creates a cool clean arc.
Subsequently creating the purest and cleanest Ozone/Super Oxygen.
This will also create several other cascading legs of 03 such as 04,05,06,07,08,Ox.
The ozone then travels through clear, ozone-resistant tubing with a diffuser on the end.
By placing the diffuser in a container of water you will see the ozone gas escaping into the water.
The strong distinctive smell verifies the presence of ozone.
The PortaZone(TM) will put out from 109 mgs to 400 mgs of ozone per hour. (Dial setting allows you to do this.)
Ozone has been shown to effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, germs, microorganisms,
and many other types of contaminants from water and other mediums.

Ozone Machine