Presta’s fastest and most efficient cutting compound.

Presta's Ultra 2 Step Buffing System was designed to simplify the buffing process, saving you time and money while delivering unparalleled results. This advanced system features water-based products that contain no waxes, fillers or silicones.

Start with the advanced Ultra 2 Step Cutting Compound to remove 1200 grit and finer sand scratches from both new and aged paint. The Ultra 2 Step Compound has been designed to work effectively with both wool and foam pads and over a wide range of buffing speeds.

  • Fast cutting compound optimized to remove medium to heavy sand scratches
  • Water-based formula contains no waxes, fillers or silicones
  • Works easily over a wide range of buffing speeds and finishes clean

Complete the process by following with Ultra 2 Step Finishing Polish.

Presta Step 1 Compound

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