Groovy V is a VOC compliant anti-seize lubricant and sealant that makes tighter, firmer seals possible while making disassembly easier. It is fortified with copper for metal parts, pipes and threaded fittings. It is suited for metal-to-metal and metal-to-rubber contacts on engines, motors, bearings, gears, turbines, compressors, manifolds, production machinery, boilers, heat exchangers, exhaust systems, oil and ore drills. It is perfect for municipalities, refineries, shipyards, power generating plants, factories, industrial plants, chemical plants, food and beverage plants, steel mills and mining operations. It provides long-term protection with one application outdoors, indoors (even in damp areas), or against salt spray. It resists water washouts and withstands temperature up to 2100°F. Groovy V is packaged in a convenient aerosol form.

Zep Groovy

SKU: 50010040LY