ZEPRESERVE-NC is a heavy duty industrial penetrant, lubricant, moisture displacer, and corrosion inhibitor in aerosol form. It will loosen nuts, bolts, and fittings, as well as remove rust and preserve metals. It is fast-acting,and both efficient and economical, and is excellent for protecting all appliances, sewing machines, locking mechanisms, typewriters, business machines, motor shafts, guns, fishing reels, golf clubs, toys, from rust and corrosion. When used before taking apart or assembling a mechanism or piece of equipment it will speed up work and prevent future corrosion. Use it to spray spark plugs, ignition wiring, breaker points, as well as inside distributor caps to displace moisture for easier starting. The container of NC has the same volume fill as ZEPRESERVE,

Zep Preserve

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